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Asus Vivobook Pro 14x

Setting up my new laptop
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My Essential Software

Just a list of my essential software
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Starting at Tradeshift

After almost 8 years at Schantz, i thought it was time for something new. So after a couple of nice talks with the Tradeshift CTO Gert Sylvest, I’ve decided to join Tradeshift. I’m starting this week at a new company with a new domain, so i guess i’ll be very busy. My guess is that most of the week will be spent on setting up the computer, and learn the new organisation and domain.
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Using Snap CI with Golang

I’m finding myself writing more and more code in go, so i thought it were about time i got some CI up and running. Pretty much when that idea popped into my head, i got a mail from snap-ci. So i thought i would give it a go. Snap is a product developed by ThoughtWorks, and it seems like a nice take on the whole CI thing. But it seems that golang isn’t supported out of the box, however we can hack it a little bit to make it work :)
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Java upgrade

Why should i run the latest java version In Scala community there have been talks about what java version the next scalac should target. That got me thinking, why should we run the latest version of java, and by latest i mean the latest major version. It turned out it was easier to argument why you shouldn’t run an old version, so here goes ! Security Nobody wants to be on the cover of some newspaper because your application has been compromised.
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