My Essential Software (2021)

List of my essential software and services at the moment.

On a laptop (Precision 5540 running Fedora Core 35):

Visual Code - using this more and more
Thunderbird - best mail client on Linux
Slack - team collaboration
restic - incremental backups of important files
Gnome desktop - to lazy to learn i3
Gnome terminal - default terminal which does the job

Mobile (Pixel 5, Android):

Firefox (because I can install plugins like uBlock)
Signal - seems like the best secure messaging app
Pocket - for saving links and articles
Slack - to stay in touch with my team

CLI (commonly used):

Emacs - fighting with vscode in becoming my editor of choice
zsh - just a shell that I'm used to
hub - for making pull requests
chezmoi - for managing dotfiles
restic - for backup
git - for version control
tmux - for managing multiple windows
docker - for managing containers


Google - for mails and contacts
Spotify and Netflix